As per the need of the student community and job opportunity, the following paramedical course will be started in future

1 Bachelor of Speech, Language, & Hearing (BSLH)
2 Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science
3 Dental Hygienist
4 Dental Mechanics
5 Diploma In Community Health – DCH
6 Diploma In Hospital Aids
7 Certified Radiological Assistant – CRA
8 Radiation Therapy Technician
9 PG Diploma in Cardiac Pulmonary Perfusion
10 PG Diploma in Cardio Vascular Technique
11 PG Diploma in Medical Laboratory Tech
12 PG Diploma in Neuro Tech
13 PG Diploma in Radiography & Imaging Tech
14 Diploma in Anaesthesia Tech
15 Diploma in Transfusion Medical Tech
16 Diploma in Vascular Surgery Tech
17 Diploma in Dialysis Tech
18 Diploma in ECG Tech
19 Medical Records Tech
20 Medical Transcript Writing
21 Advance Diploma In Technical & Analytical Chemistry
22 Certificate Course In Laboratory Technique
23 Certificate Course In Sanitary Inspector Training
24 Certificate Course In Radiography
24 Certificate Course In X-Ray Technician
26 Certificate Course In Dark Room Assistant
27 Certificate Course In Optician & Refractionist
28 Certificate Course In Ortho-Optists
29 Diploma In Ophthalmic Assistant
30 Certificate Course In Health Works ( Female )
31 Diploma In Clinical Neuro Technology - DCNT
32 Diploma in Dietetics