Rojavanam Paramedical College Rojavanam Paramedical College Rojavanam Paramedical College pays attention to observance of special days. Students will be motivated to deliver talks on the importance of the day. This will help the students to enhance their knowledge on the importance of observance of the special day as well as to develop the oratory skill of the students.  Chances shall be provided to the students on rotation basis. The following special days shall be observed every year.



Sl.No Date Special Days
1 January 30th World Leprosy Eradication Day
2 February 4th World Cancer Day
3 March 8th International Women’s Day
4 March 11th No Smoking Day
5 March 16th Measles Immunization Day
6 March 22nd World Day for Water
7 March 24th World TB Day
8 April 7th World Health Day
9 April 25th World Malaria Day
10 May 8th World Red Cross Day
11 May 31st Anti-tobacco Day / World no tobacco Day
12 June 5th World Environment Day
13 June 14th World Blood Donation Day
14 July 1st Doctors Day (In India)
15 July 11th World Population Day
16 July 29th ORS Day
17 August 1st to 8th World Breast Feeding week
18 August 25th  to September 8th Eye Donation Fortnight
19 September 1st to 7th National Nutrition Week
20 September 12th World Oral Health Day
21 September 28th World Heart Day / World Rabies Day
22 October 2nd National Anti Drug Addiction Day
23 October 10th World Mental Health Day
24 October 16th World Food Day
25 October 21st World Iodine Deficiency Day
26 October 24th World Polio Day
27 November 2nd World Pneumonia Day
28 November 10th World Immunization Day
29 November 15th to November 21st New Born Care Week
30 December 1st World AIDS Day
31 December 2nd National Pollution Prevention Day