Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Besides education, Rojavanam Paramedical College pays importance to the overall developments of the students. As such the following extracurricular activities are given importance. The students should be member of any one or all these clubs. These clubs helps to develop the inner talents of the students.

It is to create interest, a sense of appreciation and ability in the minds of our students and to enjoy the greatness of Tamil poets, critics, and brilliance of literary men and women among Tamil scholars and their genius: intelligence, intellect, cleverness, erudition, wisdom, artistry, flair and all these have to be infused in the minds of our students, we initiated this Tamil Sangam in the name of Athencottasan in Rojavanam Paramedical College, Nagercoil.


This English Literary Association is formed to develop the skills of learning. English professors often visit and give them classes. Mrs.D.Sam Jeba is in-charge of the English Literary Association.


Health services and friendship are the three tenets with which Youth Red Cross functions. Volunteerism is the backbone of Youth Red Cross. Blood donation forms a major item of service of the YRC volunteers. Lifesaving is the most important function of the Youth Red Cross (YRC). Mr.M.Aiyappan, senior faculty is the programme Officer of the Youth Red Cross wing of the College.


This club is initiated in Rojavanam Paramedical College only to create a mind of the students to love the Flora and Fauna and save the people from environmental pollution and support the green revolution in our country. Tree planting is the chief function of this club. Mr.S.Durairaj, Health Educator is the programme Officer of this club.


This club serves to create awareness about the evils of using narcotic substances among the people. The club members distribute the IEC materials and through cultural activities spread the message against the use of Narcotic substances. Mr.T.Bagavathy Perumal, faculty member is the programme Officer of this club.


Scout movement is an international organization. We have a Rover Scouts crew with 21 members. All are ablove 18 years old. They are adventure scouts. Be prepared is their motto. These 21 members acquired Rajya Puraskar award (a state award for their meritorial service). This award was received by our students from His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri. Banwarilal Purohit at Raj Bhavanam, Chennai on 26th September 2019.The Rover Scouts screw is led by Mr.G.Karthick, Microbiologist of Rojavanam Paramedical College.


We have a team of trained students in First Aid. They got training from senior Doctors of Kanniyakumari District. The trained student gives First Aid to those who meet with accidents. Programme Officer for First Aid team is Mr.S.Sivathanu, a senior faculty member of Raojavanam Paramedical College.


Rojavanam Paramedical College has a trained Disaster Management teams. The members of the team are always ready to meet the challenges caused by any hazard such as cyclone, flood, earthquake, road accident, Tsunami etc. Disaster management team members mitigate the suffering of the people. Disaster preparedness is given the top priority for it is better to prevent rather than curing it after it has come. The team members are taught what and how to do before disaster, during disaster and after disaster. Training is given in tracing the victims, giving them relief materials and shelters, recovery activities and give them rehabilitation facilities so that they may come to a stage at which they had been living before the disaster or sometimes even better than before.


There is a Red Ribbon Club in Rojavanam Paramedical College. It is the aim of Red Ribbon club to make a HIV-free nation. The function of the students is to create awareness of the evils of HIV and AIDS. IEC materials are used by the students to create awareness. Dr.Lidwin Lucia is the programme Officer of the Red Ribbon Club.


Youth wing of Rotary club of Nagercoil (main) function in Rojavavam Paramedical College. This club is called Rotaract club. Service to mankind is the objective of the Rotary club and Rotaract club. Our club functions in association with the Rotary club of Nagercoil. Dr.U.Arunachalam is the co-coordinator of the Rotaract Youth wing.


This Youth Wing endeavours to maintain peace and harmony among people belonging to different religions. It transcends the barriers of caste, creed and religion. We conduct many meetings in the rural areas and in the vulnerable parts of this district. Mr.S.Durairaj, Health Educator is the co-ordinator of this club.


The aim of this Fine arts club is to bring out and develop the skills in fine arts, music and drama. Monthly practice is given to the students and they develop these skills as and when they get time. They proved their skills in the College Day celebrations. Mrs.D.Sam Jeba is the coordinator of the Fine arts club.


Students shall be punctual and regular to classes. They shall be obedient to the College authorities, lecturers and to the management of Rojavanam Paramedical College An Identity Card will be issued to every student after admission. Identity Card must be with the student whenever he is in the college campus and should be produced for inspection by any member of the staff.

Students shall wear prescribed uniforms during college days Students who do not possess the required attendance will not be permitted for the Final Examination. All parents are members of Parent Teachers Association (PTA). Parents can meet the lecturers, Principal occasionally.