Anti Ragging

Rules Regarding Anti-Ragging

Rojavanam Paramedical College has fixed the following specific regulations to prevent ragging in the college which the students have to follow:-

Students of Rojavanam Paramedical College should not involve in any disorderly conduct either by acts or words spoken , the effect of which is teasing , treating or handling with rudeness any other student . Students should not involve in an act or perform something , which such student will not do in ordinary course , which has the effect of causing shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a junior student . Students should treat the juniors as their brothers and provide support services to them whenever needed.

Section 294 – Obscene acts and songs
Section 323 – punishment for voluntarily causing hurt
Section 324 – voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon or means
Section 325 – punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt
Section 326 – voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapon

Students should not raise fear or apprehension thereof in the minds of junior.Students should honor juniors as humans and behave gently with them . Students should not involve in any rowdy or indisciplined activity , which causes annoyance , hardship or psychological harm . Students involving in any of the misbehavior mentioned above shall have to face expulsion from the college and criminal procedure as per the following sections of IPC .

Section 339 – Wrongful Restraint
Section 340 – Wrongful Confinement
Section 341 – Punishment for Wrongful Restraint
Section 342 – Punishment for Wrongful Confinement
Section 506 – Punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder